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Our Donors & Volunteers

Thank you” to those who have donated money to the scholarship fund so other children may attend Suzuki events and lessons, and to all of you who have donated your time to help at the workshop!

Click below to see video from the 2008 Strings Festival:


Dear SAGWA Teachers and Families,

We are excited to announce that the 2014 String Festival is set for May 17 & 18 and that we will be at the Bullis School and University of MD Dekelboum Hall again this year! Although last year’s “Rocktacular” program was extremely well received our budget doesn’t allow for that type of program every year, BUT this year we have some super exciting clinicians and we are going to have a fantastic weekend of music! Terry Durbin will be joining us to work with the violinists and Avi Friedlander, who was here earlier this month for the cello workshop, will be back! Their bios are below and if you don’t already know of their fame you should definitely read up on these two outstanding, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining men. Their accomplishments and popularity as clinicians will motivate you to clear your calendar for the String Festival!

Below is the repertoire list. We were inspired by our fellow teacher and friend, James Hutchins, to post an idea that would benefit both SAGWA and every student. James had a little practice/listening/review challenge last semester after which he donated the money earned to SAGWA! We loved the idea so much that we are asking each of you to consider doing this in your own studio or on your own with your child. Here’s a rough idea of the challenge:

1. It is based on a point system and each point earns a penny. The money can be earned by each student and paid by the parents, grandparents, a sponsor, or their teacher.
2. Points will be tallied for each item and then recorded over a set period of time, like the month of March or from now until spring break…you get the idea. It is always fun to have a chart going on the studio wall or on the refrigerator at home so students can see their progress and also be spurred on by seeing how hard everyone is working.
3. Different items can be worth different amounts of points. For instance:

1 Point:
each piece reviewed from the Festival rep list
each day for listening to part of the Suzuki CD
each time you listen to classical station in the car

3 Points:
attending group performance
attending a concert
each day for listening to the whole Suzuki CD
each time you listen to a complete classical CD

10+ Points:
reading a book on a composer
reading a book on Suzuki method

These are just a few ideas. Make up your own, or ask your students for their suggestions! At the end of the challenge add up all the points! James' students earned over $186 in penny points!! All money donated will go directly to the Festival. All participating studios will receive a certificate of appreciation and the studio raising the most money will receive a special award!

NEW--The registration is now open -- extra repertoire pieces have been added below.  Students do not need to memorize their parts (please ask your teacher for guidance as to which pieces and part your child should play).  We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully some new faces, too, in May! If you would like to volunteer some time to help prepare for the event please contact Beth or Stephanie at the email addresses below! 

Best Regards,

Beth Taylor & Stephanie Flack, Co-Directors, SAGWA String Festival

pirates violin parts.pdf

Hollywood (edited)low.pdf











Does my child attend alone or with a parent? Every child must have a parent or guardian in attendance at the workshop on Saturday and the rehearsals (if applicable) and concert on Sunday.

What is my time commitment on Saturday and Sunday?  A complete schedule will be released in late April--generally, the youngest and beginning students have classes in the morning beginning around 8 am (pre-twinkle/book 1), books 2/3 in the early afternoon, and books 4 and above in the late afternoon to end no later than 6:15 pm.  Sunday concert rehearsals will begin as early as 10 am for more advanced students and students not called for the Sunday rehearsal should be at the concert hall at University of Maryland by 1 pm for the 2 pm concert. The concert is scheduled to run approximately 90 minutes with one intermission.

Will there be lighting effects which may impact a student or audience member with adverse reactions to strobe lights?  No strobe lighting will be used in this production.

What is my student's selected piece?  Parents should sign their student up for their most advanced polished and concert ready piece.  All pieces on the repertoire list below their top piece should be as beautifully prepared as the top piece.

Any additional questions should be directed to -- Beth or Stephanie will get back to you as soon as possible.  We look forward to seeing you in April!


2014 Festival Repertoire

Lightly Row
O Come Little Children
Long Long Ago
Minuet 2
Happy Farmer
Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus
Lully Gavotte
BOOKS 3-5 GROUP (parts will be sent to teachers-for Festival use only):
Pirates of the Caribbean for 4 Violins, arr. by Terry Durbin
Becker Gavotte
Bach Gavotte-g minor
Seitz 2, 5, 1
Bohm Perpetual Motion
Bach Double
Fiocco Allegro
Book 7 students and up--Hollywood Sonata by Terry Durbin (sheet music available to print above)

F. Folk Song
Minuet in C
March in G
Gossec Gavotte
Chanson Triste
(Bach Double)
Tarnatella by Squire
Sicilienne by von Paradis

Bonus Pieces for Violins:
*optional bonus pieces do not need to be memorized (please ask your teacher regarding which part your student should learn)
Final Countdown, Europe, arr. by Avi Friedlander (violin 1 and violin 2 parts--attached above to print)
Pirates of the Caribbean, arr. by Terry Durbin (violins 1, 2, 3, 4 parts--attached above to print)

Bonus Pieces for Cellos:
*optional bonus pieces do not need to be memorized (please ask your teacher regarding which part your student should learn)
Final Countdown, Europe, arr. by Avi Friedlander (cello 1 and cello 2 parts--attached above to print)


Timothy Durbin, Violin

Dr. Timothy (Terry) Durbin’s unique brand of teaching excellence makes him one of the most sought-after clinicians/conductors in the country. With infectious enthusiasm and inspired musicianship, he brings smiles and laughter to students throughout the United States and around the world. His dynamic teaching career includes over 800 workshops and institutes! His performance and teaching career stretches across the United States and Canada into Bermuda, Germany, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, and he has recorded two CDs, including the complete chamber music of Marcel Dupre for the Naxos label. He has directed the South Dakota and Montana All State Orchestras. He is the holder of the American Suzuki Institute Suzuki Chair Award for 2013. Terry Durbin is also an accomplished composer and notable arranger.

Dr. Durbin holds a DMA in orchestral conducting from Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles, California, a Masters in violin performance from the University of Illinois, an undergraduate degree in violin performance from the University of Alabama, and is currently the director of the Suzuki String Program at the University of Louisville. He is a registered teacher trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Terry lives with his wife, Sandy, on 75 acres north of Lexington, Kentucky. They have three children and two grandchildren.
He believes in the magic of music’s power to enrich our lives.

Avi Friedlander, Cello

Avi Friedlander is the founder and director of STEP Birmingham and Birmingham Young Artist Workshop and holds an active studio in both Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. Mr. Friedlander currently teaches at both STEP Birmingham and the Alabama School of Fine Arts and formerly taught at Emory University, Birmingham Southern College and Andrews University in Michigan. He received his Master's and Bachelor's of Music performance degrees from The University of Michigan, and pursued his professional studies degree from The Cleveland Institute of Music. Mr. Friedlander is the former Assistant Principal cellist of the Atlanta Opera and member of The New World Symphony. He has been trained in the Suzuki methods with Dr. Tanya Carey, Pam Devenport, Rick Mooney, Nancy Hair and Gilda Barston. Mr. Friedlander has also studied Early Child Development with Ed Sprunger, teaching group classes with Carey Beth Hockett and Terry Durbin, and cello pedagogy with Irene Sharp. Mr. Friedlander has also studied improvisation with Ellen Rowe at the University of Michigan and Eugene Friesen from the Berkely College of Music in Boston. His primary teachers have included Anthony Elliott, Stephen Geber, Tanya Carey and David Premo. He has also studied with Richard Aaron, Eric Kim, Yehuda Hanani and Hans Jensen. Mr. Friedlander has taught at workshops and festivals around the country and has performed and recorded music from classical to rock. Mr. Friedlander currently performs with the Blue Galaxy String Project and writes his own arrangements for solo cello from Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam.


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