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Violin Teacher Training Courses

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 9:19 PM | SAGWA (Administrator)

James Hutchins, a registered teacher trainer with the SAA, plans to offer one or two Violin teacher training workshops this spring. The books/units offered will be whatever has the most guaranteed participants.


If you are interested, or wish to find out more about possible dates and times, please email James directly at Cost will depend on the number of participants-the more registered the cheaper it will be!

Hi Gang,


I've received several requests asking if I would offer some teacher training workshops. I would be happy to do so and details of how it would have to work are below.


The SAA requires that the course is offered over the following minimum time periods:

 8 days for Unit 1

 5 days for Unit 2 and beyond


Unit 1 is a 28 hours course with an additional 15 hours of observation.

Unit 2 and beyond are 15 hour courses with 8 hours of observation.

Some of the observation I require be of my students (which can be done in person or via a private YouTube link) and some can be of other teachers.


Book 1 or 2 as back-to-back courses (or 2-3, 3-4 etc.) would have to take place over two consecutive weekends at my house.

One course, Book 2 or beyond could be done in one weekend with the final hour and consultations done via skype the following weekend to meet the SAA time requirements. If you could be at my house to do the last hour in person, it would be preferred.


Participating in that last hour a week after you go home and are back in your "real studio life" I feel is really valuable.


All classes would have to start with 3 hours Friday night and finish by 6pm on Sunday.


The course will be offered in Silver Spring, MD unless a group of you decide you want to bring me to you, which I would be happy to do.


Finally, to register the course, the audition requirements must be met in advance, otherwise you can only audit the course! The requirements can be found here:


If you have not already been approved through this audition process for previous courses, by the time you are able to register for my courses it will be within the two-month deadline and there will be a $30 late fee. In order to ensure that you will be able to register the course, your audition tapes will need to be postmarked to the SAA one month before the course starts.


I am available the weekends of:

April 13-15

April 20-27

April 28-30


Please email me with what you would like and dates. I will offer the course(s) for whatever level (and wherever) has the most guaranteed interest.


Cost will be decided by the number of participants. The more people who sign up, the cheaper it will be which is always a good thing!


Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you think may be interested.


If there's enough interest, I will do this again in the fall and next spring.


Talk to you all soon,



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